Photodiary | August 2017

IMG_7521.jpgThis month went crazy fast. Summer break is almost over… But before I have to go back to uni and studying I want to look back at this past month! It was an amazing month. I had a lot of fun! Continue reading “Photodiary | August 2017”

Bullet journal

Bullet Journal | September 2017

DSC06482Today it’s time for another bullet journal post! I love my bullet journal as you may know. Last month I changed things again and I wanted to change some things for the upcoming month. I wanted to add some trackers and changed the look of the monthly spread. Uni is also starting the upcoming month, so I wanted to make an overview for the first quarter of the year. Today I’ll show you how I set up for September.

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On my way | Marikenloop 2018 – The beginning

20170811_194625...jpgIn October 2015 I started running seriously. I bought a pair of running shoes. They cost me 133 euros! Which n my opinion really expensive for running shoes, because I was only planning on wearing them like one hour once or maybe twice a week. But you need good shoes for running! So there I went with my new bright pink running shoes. They were really soft and comfortable. I ran almost every week an hour. I didn’t run much for a few months, but later on I went back to running once a week. I wanted to run 5K without a pause. But besides that I didn’t really have a goal. Until this May. I saw a video on Youtube in which they ran the ‘Marikenloop’. This vlog was from Laura Brijde. And then I thought I want to do this too! So I want to train for this race and I want to update you on my process! Of course, I’m not a pro! And I just do what I think is good and I’d like to share this with you! Continue reading “On my way | Marikenloop 2018 – The beginning”

Bullet journal

Bullet journal | August 2017

20170729_184829....jpgI love my bullet journal. I love planning and writing. And as you may know, I’m always searching for a better way to plan. Trying a new lay out, leave out things that don’t work and trying out new things that may work for me. Last month I tried out some new things and I added them to the next month: August! So today I’m going to show you how I set up the month of August in my bullet journal!

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Photodiary | July 2017

20170715_195442....jpgI was thinking about what I wanted to do with vlogging and my photodiaries. I don’t see the point of sharing my every week life with you. I think that’d be a little boring for you, because I’m working full time this summer and after that college continues, furthermore I want to continue my Chinese course. So, I will be busy and it wouldn’t be very interesting for you. But I like to share parts of my life with you. So I was searching for a good way to do this. When I looked at MRTHPRD and saw that she shares her life on a monthly basis. I thought that would be a nice way for me too, so I want to try this and thank Marthe for the idea. So enough about the way I want to share my life with you. And let’s actually start sharing my life with you!

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Today I’m sharing a lot of pictures with you guys! I went to Apenheul with my dad, my boyfriend, one of my best friends and her family two weeks ago. We had an amazing day! I took a lot of pictures. I really loved doing it and today I’m sharing some pictures. You will only see a small amount of the pictures I took that day. Most pictures were taken when the animals were in trees or something. And the pictures I love most are the pictures were you can only see the animals and the nature. No people and no cages. I hope you’ll like it! Continue reading “Apenheul”


My favorite posts

Today I’m sharing my favorite posts with you. A month ago, June 7th, was the 5th  anniversary of Lifestyle Shira! A lot has changed in five years and there have been a lot of different posts on my blog. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to look back and share my favorite posts from the last five years. Of course these posts are in Dutch, but they do have a lot of pictures. So even when you don’t know Dutch you can still have a look! (You can click on the pictures to see the post)

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Lifestyle · Video's

Vlog overzicht | Februari 2017

vlog-overzicht-februari-2017Het is alweer eind februari en aangezien ik deze week niet vlog, heb ik vandaag het vlog overzicht van februari al voor jullie! Het was een leuke maand en ik heb een aantal leuke dingen gedaan! De laatste week van de maand heb ik niet gevlogd, omdat ik druk aan het studeren was. Komende zondag komt er een mededeling online over dingen die ik ga veranderen. Het gaat vooral over het uploadschema, dus stay tuned. Maar nu gaan we eerst kijken wat ik de afgelopen maand allemaal heb gedaan!

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Films die ik nog wil kijken

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Ik ben niet echt een filmkijker. Met kerst kijk ik vaak Home Alone, maar de rest van het jaar kjik ik niet zo veel films. Voor films moet je zeker anderhalf uur uittrekken en als de film is afgelopen, is hij ook afgelopen. Tenzij er een vervolg is natuurlijk. Ik ben meer van de series: kortere afleveringen en je kunt er lekker lang van genieten. Films kijken stel ik daarom vaak uit. Toch zijn er een aantal films die ik graag nog een keer wil kijken.  Continue reading “Films die ik nog wil kijken”