Photodiary | August 2017

IMG_7521.jpgThis month went crazy fast. Summer break is almost over… But before I have to go back to uni and studying I want to look back at this past month! It was an amazing month. I had a lot of fun!

This month we went to a zoo again! This time in Arnhem. They opened a new part of the zoo and it was amazing! It was tropical and there were butterflies everywhere! It looked amazing. And the butterflies also came to you and sat on you.

This month I ran 5K without a pauze for the first time in a long time. I was really glad I could run 5K again! It was at a low pace, but I was just glad with this run! Later this month I ran 5K again. This time with a higher pace. And last week I ran 10K without a pauze! This run was also in a low pace, but I never ran 10K without a pace! So this month was a really good month for running! Unfortunately at the end of the month my legs started to hurt, so I took a little more rest.

Besides actually running, I also got a gadget for running. I thought it was really expensive, but I think it was a good investment. First I bought the Samsung Gear Fit 2, but this one didn’t work good. So I went back and got this one. I was a lot more expensive, but it also is more complicated and extended. This is the Garmin Forerunner 235. It has GPS so I don’t need my phone during the run. It tracks my heartrate, pace, distance and time. It tracks your steps and gives the notifications from your phone! I really like seeing my activity! And it motivates me to be more active and walk more often.

I also had a high tea with two friends! We had an awesome time. I didn’t see them in a long time, so we had a lot to talk. And the food was really good!

I also went searching for blackberries with my boyfriend. We found a lot and decided to make marmalade! It turned out really good. On the picture it doesn’t look delicious, but it is!

The next day we baked croissants with maralade. We also made one with cheese and a naturel one. It was delicious! A perfect start of the day!

I like to be creative. Last month I bought ecoline and I was playing around with it and created this. I searched on Pinterest for inspiration. I saw these cats and tried some myself.

Florentina and I go for a walk something. Just to talk and be a little more active. We decided to get some ice cream! We also took Spidy with us and as you can see Spidy liked the ice cream as well.

Florentina and I went to Amsterdam for a photoshoot! We had a lot of fun that day and got some nice pictures. This is one of the pictures I like. Of course we have lots more! After the photoshoot we went shopping in Amsterdam!

PicMonkey Collage....And this is what I bought! I wanted to buy new ear rings for a long time. I bought two pairs to combine. I wanted to try some new nose strips, so I saw these ones from Essence. For my birthday I got a giftcard from MAC, so I went to MAC and looked for a naturel lipstick and I found this one. It is Smoked Almond fromo the lipintensity line. I think it looks really nice! I also bought a trouser, because I needed one more. From Essence I also bought a translucent powder, because mine broke a few months ago and I didn’t bought a new one yet. And last but not least, I bought this chocolate. It’s from Tony’s in the flavor melon and raspberry!

After shopping we got something to eat at Happy Italy. It was delicious!

This month I was working full time. But at the end of the month I got a day off, because there wasn’t much work to do. The weather was amazing, so I made myself something delicious and enjoyed it in the sun!

The last week of my summer break I only had to work on Saturday. So on Tuesday my boyfriend and I decided to go to Rotterdam. We went to the ‘markthal’ and had a fun day. I love these random days out!
And that was the end of this month! September is already there and the uni is waiting again. So back to normal life. I also decided that this kind of photodiary doesn’t really work for me. So I want to quit with the photodiaries on my blog, but I want to use Instagram more often. I also decided to start using Instagram stories. I want to try to give you more little sneak peaks into my life. So if you want to follow that, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@lifestyleshira)! I might do a photodiary when I want to, but mostly I’m going to use Instragram.





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