Bullet journal

Bullet journal | August 2017

20170729_184829....jpgI love my bullet journal. I love planning and writing. And as you may know, I’m always searching for a better way to plan. Trying a new lay out, leave out things that don’t work and trying out new things that may work for me. Last month I tried out some new things and I added them to the next month: August! So today I’m going to show you how I set up the month of August in my bullet journal!

20170729_184214This is the month at a glance. I decided to go for the list lay out instead of the calendar like look. On the left I wrote down the time. These are the times that I have to work. Because I’m working fulltime in August, I didn’t feel the need to write down that it’s about work, but I will know that it’s about work when I see the times. And on the right side I have space to write down other events. On the right page I wrote done the goals and to do’s for the month. On this page I also wrote down the things I need to do for my study. Things like choosing a minor, a master and an internship for this year. Underneath there is a little calendar. I’m planning to use this as a tracker. I want to track how many days I studied Chinese. In May and June I attended a Chinese course and I need to learn and memorize a lot before I can attend the next course. So I want to track how many days I’m studying Chinese.

20170729_184245On the next two pages I have a  memories page and a mood tracker page. I added these because I thought it would be nice to write down nice things that happened throughout the month. And I want to track my mood, so I can see how my mood changes throughout the month. For each day I have a part of the feather that I want to color in. I thought that it would be more fun if I drew a feather instead of a square or a graph. At least I had fun drawing the feather!

20170729_184318And the last page for today is the first week of August. I made an entire weeks section on the left page. Here I want to put notes, projects and to do’s. And I also put a mini calendar on the left, so I can see in what week of the month we currently are. On the right I want to order my events and tasks per day, so I made 7 section. Here I’m going to write what events and tasks I have each day. I also wrote down the post which I want to post in that week. For example for today you can see this post.

So that was it for today! I really like how it turned out, especially the mood tracker. I hope that these formats work for me, but we will see next month. I will probably update you next month, so I hope to see you again next month!


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