Photodiary | July 2017

20170715_195442....jpgI was thinking about what I wanted to do with vlogging and my photodiaries. I don’t see the point of sharing my every week life with you. I think that’d be a little boring for you, because I’m working full time this summer and after that college continues, furthermore I want to continue my Chinese course. So, I will be busy and it wouldn’t be very interesting for you. But I like to share parts of my life with you. So I was searching for a good way to do this. When I looked at MRTHPRD and saw that she shares her life on a monthly basis. I thought that would be a nice way for me too, so I want to try this and thank Marthe for the idea. So enough about the way I want to share my life with you. And let’s actually start sharing my life with you!

20170702_203331So this month I was really busy! I started working full time, had a lot of things planned in the weekend and also wanted to do a lot of things besides that. Firstly this month I discovered ecoline. In high school I worked a couple times with ecoline. It’s a kind of watercolor, but it’s more pigmented. I rediscovered it because I discovered this awesome shop! It’s called ‘pipoos’. This shop has everything you need, if you want to do something creative. They have a lot of different colors. I chose two colors: red (334) and black (700). So I experimented with these two colors. I created these three cute animals. I really like how the elephant turned out! Later I bought a set with 10 colors, so I can use more colors in my creations.

DSC06201As can be seen from my last post, I went to Apenheul. It’s a zoo with mostly monkeys. I went with my dad, my boyfriend, one of my best friends and her family. We had an amazing time! I took pictures all day long. So if you want to see more, you definitely have to check out this post!

20170715_210537A week later I also had an amazing weekend! On saturday I went with friends to the ‘vierdaagse  feesten’ in Nijmegen. This was the first day of the party. Later that week the ‘Nijmeegse vierdaagse’ started. There was a lot to do in the city. There was a lot to do in the city too. We had an amazing time. And during the night we slept with six people in my little room. It was really cozy, but it fitted!

20170716_154007On sunday I had a day with my family. We went miniature golfing. It was really fun. And I made a hole-in-one! Just one, after that it didn’t really go well. But we had fun!

20170716_182651After that we went somewhere to eat. The food was delicious! I had mustard soup, pork tenderloin with champion cream sauce and dame blanche (ice cream)! I couldn’t eat anything after that, haha.

20170717_195351This month Spidy got a hair cut. Spidy needs to go to the hairdresser twice a year. And now it was time to go again. I really like Spidy this way. I think this haircut looks really cute on him. But I love him anyway, of course!

20170717_213956I saw some I heart make-up eyeshadow palettes at the Kruidvat. I couldn’t help myself and bought a new eyeshadow palette. The palette I chose, was ‘death by chocolate’. I really like the colors of this palette and I love these I heart make-up palettes. They look adorable! And the quality is really good for the price you pay!

20170729_183829At the end of the month, I planned for August 2017! I wanted to make some changes in my bullet journal and I really like how it turned out. I will show you everything next week! So stay tuned if you want to see how I planned for the month of August!

20170729_183935One of my goals this month was to run three times a week! And I accomplished my goal! Everytime I ran I colored in the date in my running tracker. So each date that is blue, I ran. I didn’t do long runs, but I ran three times a week! It was my first month to train seriously for a running race. For next month I have another plan, but I will show you that one later!

It was a busy, but an awesome month! I like my first month of the summer break. I hope to get a little more of a rest in the second (and last) month of my summer break, but I hope that I’ll have a lot of fun next month as well! How was your month?


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