Today I’m sharing a lot of pictures with you guys! I went to Apenheul with my dad, my boyfriend, one of my best friends and her family two weeks ago. We had an amazing day! I took a lot of pictures. I really loved doing it and today I’m sharing some pictures. You will only see a small amount of the pictures I took that day. Most pictures were taken when the animals were in trees or something. And the pictures I love most are the pictures were you can only see the animals and the nature. No people and no cages. I hope you’ll like it!

This monkey was drinking some water. I think it looks really cute. I really liked seeing monkeys in the water. They are really careful around water, whilst using their hands to drink.
Moreover there were other animals besides monkeys, like this bird. I can’t remember what kind of bird it was, but I think this photo looks really nice. I don’t like how the bird looks. I think his bald head, the way he stands and the way he looks at the camera is a little creepy. But I think that makes the photo more special.
This turtle was super cute! It was just chilling on the piece of wood and surrounded by these lovely lilies. I really like the color scheme.DSC06247
I love this picture as well, because the branches on the right side are blurred. And it focuses on the branch on the left and the monkey. I like this monkey because its body is all black, but its face is white and brown. Isn’t it adorable?
Look at the big beard of this monkey! I like the contrast of the beard and the rest of the body! Moreover I like this picture because the monkey occupies tree and the leaves are a little blurred.
I think this picture is awesome because of the amazing tree and the monkey on top of it! The monkey is just standing there and watching what’s happening. Also I like all the green nature in the back.
I like the pose of this monkey. It’s relaxed and took a beautiful pose. And I think the brown spot on his head is cute.
This is Jambo. He is the leader of the gorilla group in Apenheul. He sits relaxed and keeps his eye on everything that happens. I took this photo while they were being fed. They got some fruit and vegetables. I like the attitude of this monkey! Though he was really lazy!
While we were watching the gorilla group, I saw this little guy.  He was walking and running across the leaves on top of the water! It was really adorable!
I like this picture also because the background is blurred. But also because I think this monkey is really beautiful. I really like the red colors on this monkey!
This monkey is just sitting in a tree. I like the contrasting black face and the white body.
This monkey was really really tiny! It was super cute! I thought that the color of this monkey was really special. But it was especially really cute! Adorable!
These monkeys were really active and definitely not scared of all the people. They just ran around. They were curious and came really close.
This monkey was watching everything from the bushes. I really like this picture because the monkey is a kind of hidden in the bushes. And these monkeys were just adorable!
I think this monkey has a really special face. It looks really fluff, warm and huggable.
This little guy was playing with a piece of tree bark. It was really adorable. It was rolling and trying to break the tree bark. It was really cute!
These monkeys are really adorable. They have these tiny eyes and are just sitting in the climbing structure. I also like the colors of the monkeys.




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