Update | Blogging in English

Again an update. I will promise you, this is the last one. In the last post I told you that I want to write more often and get back to blogging. But meanwhile I was considering to write in English again. I already tried this once (way back in 2013) and it didn’t go really well, but I still like the idea of blogging in English. And I think my English is improved a little by now (still not amazing but better), so I’m going to give it another try. A lot of things are in English nowadays, as is a part of my study. I never wrote much in English and I really like to practice. In a year I hope to be done with my bachelor and then I want to do a master and most masters are in English. In a master you also need to write a thesis and maybe other papers or assignments in English, so I think it’s a good idea for me to practice a little. And why not combine that with blogging!

For the ones that are new here. I’m Shira! I started a blog because I want to share things with the world. I saw big blogs in The Netherlands and I thought I also want to have a blog of my own. I thought about it for a while and at the end I decided to give it a try, so I went on the internet, searched and in june 2012 Istarted my own blog: Lifestyle Shira. I have been blogging for five years now. Of course with some ups and downs. And  sometimes I didn’t really had the time for it, but I still love it! About the past half year I was searching for a change. I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I think with this change I might have found it.

I will be writing over my life and everything in it. I write about the things that keep me busy. For a long time this was make-up, but this is not the main subject of my blog anymore. I also like cooking, baking, drawing, planning and running. I probably forgot some things, but you got the idea. Another thing that keeps me busy is my study, of course. I’m a student at the Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen. I study (medical) biology and I’m really interested in the medical part of this study. And since last month I started to learn Chinese. I’m from China, but lived in The Netherlands for almost all my life. I was adopted when I was two years old and I always wanted to learn Chinese. When I found out I could learn this at the university I immediately signed up. I will tell you more about this later.

I really look forward to blogging in English, because it’s a new challenge for me. And I also hope you like it. Of course except the language nothing is going to change. I will still be posting about things I like or think are interesting to share with you. I hope to do this once a week (or even more) like in the past, but I can’t promise that, because now I still have my study to focus on (thursday is my last exam!) and in the summer break I will be working full time. But I will find some time for my blog!


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