My favorite posts

Today I’m sharing my favorite posts with you. A month ago, June 7th, was the 5th  anniversary of Lifestyle Shira! A lot has changed in five years and there have been a lot of different posts on my blog. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to look back and share my favorite posts from the last five years. Of course these posts are in Dutch, but they do have a lot of pictures. So even when you don’t know Dutch you can still have a look! (You can click on the pictures to see the post)

Nail art - Chinese poppetjesWhen I started blogging I was into nail polish. I spend hours doing my nails, making nail art with five different colors. I made a lot of different nail art at the time and this is one of them. This nail art is based on the necklace which I wore a lot at the time. One day I decided to make a nail art of this necklace and I really like how it turned out.

IMG_20140916_072314In 2014 I went  to Rome for a week with school. I really looked forward to this trip. It was the first time I went to Italy and the first time I went with a plane. Of course, I came in a plane to the Netherlands (for those that don’t know, I was born in China and adopted when I was two years old), but I can’t remember anything about it. I had an amazing time in Rome and made a lot of pictures while I was there. When I came home I made a little overview of the things I loved most. I really enjoyed this trip and I’m definitely planning on going back one day.  I think this is one of the highlights of my time in high school

IMG_2277My prom look! Another highlight of my time in high school was prom. In 2015 I had my exams and prom. An acquaintance did my hair. She did a really nice updo.  I loved it! And it lasted for two days! I did my make up myself, because I love make up and I really liked doing this myself. The look turned out a little heavier than expected, but I didn’t really mind because of the special occasion. In this post I shared with you which products I used to make the look. When I look at this article I think back to the day of my prom and how much fun I had that day!

imageAnother article with lots of memories. This was the photodiary of the week of my prom. I shared what I did all week and I really like looking back at this. It’s a little more personal. That week my blog had its third anniversary and I also got my exam results! It was an amazing week and when I look back I still remember the feelings I had that week. It was so special!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have been following my blog for a while, you might know how much I love the Sleek eye shadow palettes. This is one of those! It’s a nice and romantic palette. In this post I showed you some swatches and the look I made with this palette when I used it for the first time! I really like how this look turned out. It’s natural and good for everyday!

125983ca879eeb42eabee6d0f51a31b4This post is all about my study. I had a little trouble choosing my bachelor and when I found a study I wanted to do, I had some trouble with the requirements. The path I took is unusual. I had to face some obstacles and I couldn’t do the study of my choice, so I had to make another choice. In this post you can read what I did and which choices I made.

DSC03069Again a look made with a Sleek palette! This time a more colorful look. I created a look with a blue ombre-effect. The look is a little heavy, but really nice for a party or something like that. I think this is one of few looks with a lot of color. That’s one of the reasons I like this look and post. I also like the way the ombre-effect turned out. When I created this look I didn’t know if I could make a nice ombre-effect with eye shadow, but it turned out really nice if you ask me.



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